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On Reinventing and Finding YOUR Voice

Be your own SELF!

The site was first developed three and a half years ago and had a functional aesthetic much like Medium or Tumblr that allowed you to scroll through blocks of clickable images that would take you to an article. The background was white and minimalistic. “There wasn’t that much personality,” Murray […]

Getting Great Recommendations on Linked In

It’s good to have recommendations for your work on Linked In:

First of all, the recommendations highlight skill sets that are a priority for the company or contract. These skills may not be what you have listed so they add a new dimension to your work persona. You are not bragging, someone else is […]

Putting Our Heads Together – Collaboration

Artists, Writers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Architects, Innovators! We all want to believe that if our work is good enough, we’ll be recognized for our creative genius. Whether as artists, entrepreneurs, or employees, we believe success is mostly a meritocracy. It isn’t. Who you know matters, and without the right connections, even the best work won’t get […]

September is National Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

Be Kind to a Writer! Yippee! We do have a lot to look forward to…. but this is a special occasion. Bloggers are part of this group of course, so lets all pat ourselves on the back!! Recognition may start with being kind to yourself, you know. Let’s just say you’d like to be kind, […]

Mover and Shaker: GE

Who do you want to SEE YOUR BRAND? Who do you want to WANT YOUR PRODUCT?

There are few B2B brands rocking new media harder than GE. From staging a robot concert to their Unimpossible Missions video series, they’ve made cool content their mission.

The Unimpossible Missions video really hits the mark …. showing a […]

August 26 National Dog Day!!

TODAY August 26 is National Dog Day, a celebration of man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Founded in 2004, National Dog Day is intended to be an observance to both honor your pets and remember how many dogs still need to be rescued, according to the holiday’s website.

Between 37 and 47 percent of all households […]

Speak your Mind – Talking so that People want to Listen

Talking with Meaning

The first step: Create content that is “speakable”. Know what it says, and be able to understand the message. Speak as if you are talking to one person, add inflection and nuance through your voice. Keep your tone appropriate to the message. Read it through BEFORE you read it to a group.


Get Control of your Communication

A few easy steps and a few references with additional coaching:

If you tend to ramble, make an outline. When you are almost finished go through and delete 30%. Have a goal, a focus for what you want to say and what you want the listener to retain. If you have writer’s block, and […]

We Must Continue to Explore!

This was the real and original MOON-WALKING that Michael Jackson made famous. Different walk, both are innovative, don’t you think?

Buz Aldrin was the second man to set foot on the Moon. He is now 86 and is still exploring. This is a great testament to the power of curiosity to keep us young! He […]

Keynote Speaker: Storyteller Isabel Evans

Keynote Speakers are the movers and shakers, the popular ones, the folks with a vision. You may not be able to get to the conference, or there is no budget availalbe… but the keynote speech is almost always recorded for inspiration – marketing – grabbing eyes & wallets for the next year’s event. This keynote […]