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TCM Bank Leaked its Customer Data for 16 months

Paying attention to notices from Banks and Credit Card Issuer is very important. This is how you may find out if you personal data has been stolen. It is critical to take action early, to avoid serious problems like identity theft or new accounts opened in your name.

Credit Card Issuer TCM Bank Leaked Applicant […]

Traits of Bad Bosses

I spent many months defending my boss. Hoping he was a good boss. Thinking I could ignore some foul-ups. My husband stepped in and said, finally, after a year…..

“I don’t care how much you wish and hope…. he is a bad boss.” I came into his office for my weekly 1-1. After an introduction […]

Small Business – Health Benefits Discussion

Small businesses with 2-50 employees are a growth engine for the American economy, continuing to grow year over year. However, fewer of these employers are offering health insurance.

The percentage of firms offering health benefits dropped from 59 percent in 2012 to 53 percent in 2016.

At the same time, medical loss ratios have increased […]

Amazon Work Rules

It is a different work culture…. one that puts productivity first… period.

It is not enough to work smart. That implies that you might eventually, take some time off. The NY Times wrote an article about the ethics, arrogance and addiction of Amazon (my words, not theirs). “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas inside a Bruising […]

Making Donations Count!


As you open your pockets to do a good thing and make yourself feel good, please keep the following facts in mind: —————————-

The American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans’ salary for the year was $651,957 plus expenses


Where Do Your Donations Go?

As you open your pockets for the next natural disaster, please keep these facts in mind:

· The American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans salary for the year was $651,957 plus expenses

· The United Way President Brian Gallagher receives a $375,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits.


Job Info you NEED to Know

Find out which companies in your area are exporting jobs, laying off workers, endangering workers’ health or involved in cases of violations of workers’ rights. The database contains information on more than 400,000 companies nationwide. http://www.workingamerica.org/jobtracker/

This site is explained in this video clip:


Not Gonna Take it Anymore?

It doesn’t reach a boiling point instantly, but over time, stressful jobs take their toll. Sniping customers, rushing all the time, feeling like your best isn’t good enough….. it can lead up to something you didn’t plan. Luckily no one was hurt when the door was pushed out of the plane onto the tarmac and […]

Layoffs, Layoffs, and more

After a brief respite, I am back to having a tantrum about layoffs.

The big NY banks are posting huge profits, the tie-men are getting another round of bonus payments and yet…..maybe they haven’t heard that this is very poor PR. it is nice that Citi is offering $100 for starting a new checking account […]

Clandestine Layoffs

Companies are complaining that they can’t get enough Tech Workers. really? Corporations are talking about the need for H1 Visas and the lack of technically skilled workers. oh come on! I realize that every big company is sticking to a budget and “bottom line” is in every sentence BUT when I started in technology companies […]