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Find the Freelance Web sites

List of “get work now” sites.

1. Upwork

Upwork has a variety of freelancing projects to choose from on their website, be it design, writing, sales, etc.

2. 99Designs

If design is your thing, sign up with 99Designs. Their website boasts a variety of design projects to work with, from business, to clothing and much […]

A Powerful Story with a Through-line

Do you want to get your message across? YES Is this something that you are passionate about? YES Do you set your listener’s expectations? Uh… no

Your Answers: Maybe yes or maybe not. I don’t spend my time on stuff I don’t care about. I may have to “do something“, but as soon as […]

What Can YOU Do in 8 Minutes?

What was this question leading up to? Lots of answers? …. Did you guess this one?

Doctors today have less and less time to spend with patients (the average interaction these days is about 8 minutes).

As one physician recently put it, on the blog KevinMD.com:

“The ratio of time spent on doctor-patient interactions compared […]

Vets in Tech group (ViT) Provides Cyber-security Training

VetsinTech (ViT), an organization dedicated to helping veterans and active-duty military service members connect with the high-tech community. Grants supports cybersecurity training programs for military veterans transitioning to technology careers. These jobs are well-paid and in great demand, the future of trained professionals is full of opportunity.

Recent event: On April 7, more than 80 […]

The Basics – Planning Your Changes

To accomplish a process improvement, you can start with these analysis tasks. This is an overview. It’s less intense than a 400 page text book that costs $90… don’t you think?

So much has been written on the multitude of steps in business analysis, here is a “boiled down” list to get you started. […]

The Gift of Being Different

We tend to congregate with people that share our dreams, goals, visions and demeanor. Why not? Less argument and more gets done, right? Take it one step further, you are giving a presentation to a group of “Yes Men”…. all the feedback is positive, all the faces are smiling. It may be easier, but you […]

Gender Based Pay Gap

$$Interesting article by FAST COMPANY… let’s start with the picture first.

Here is the link to the picture and article. If you thought women were making great strides, read the article. With only 4.4% of CEOs being women, it’s likely to be a long hard climb to change this statistic.

$$$ More findings from […]

Low Cost Housing coming to Daly City

Affordable Workforce Housing Breaks Ground in Daly City to Provide 52 Apartment Homes for Families Groundbreaking at 6800 Mission, a Development of MidPen Housing

Daly City Mayor Raymond Buenaventura and San Mateo County Board of Supervisors President Carole Groom joined other city and county leaders to celebrate the groundbreaking of 6800 Mission, an affordable, […]

EMV, Credit Cards and Retailers

Learning about the financial world is one of the smartest things you can do as an employee in ANY industry. The credit card industry, in particular, affects your business, your personal credit, and your access to purchases. If you are a small busines or sole proprietor, the way that you approach payments from customers may […]

EMV Chips are Here

Many small business are thinking they will pass on joining the EMV hoopla…. but EMV is more than that!

The cost of card fraud in the U.S. is estimated at $8.6 billion per year. EMV chip cards will help arrest fraud and is coming to the places where you buy gas, groceries, movie tickets, […]