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July Days to Celebrate

Each Day listed below, can be the spring board to a fun employee celebration. This is a great time for a picnic, Popsicles at work, or some patriotic music to “wake up” your first team meeting of July 4. (Are you thinking Chili? In many communities, Chili Cook Offs […]

Personality: Kids, Parents, Looking Forward

STUBBORN! If your kids (and possibly your co-workers) are stubborn, maybe this leades to more leadership, higher pay, or success!

And for parents trying to cope with stubborn children…. there is a benefit too. Think about what you learn, as your kid is screaming on the floor of the grocery store ( I still cringe […]

Personality Testing

I don’t care much for medical tests, but they can be useful. I feel the same about personality tests at work, sometimes they help a team be more respectful about different styles and approaches….and sometimes, not.


Personality tests measure the default settings of your motivational system. The motivational system drives your actions, and those […]

The Gift of Being Different

We tend to congregate with people that share our dreams, goals, visions and demeanor. Why not? Less argument and more gets done, right? Take it one step further, you are giving a presentation to a group of “Yes Men”…. all the feedback is positive, all the faces are smiling. It may be easier, but you […]

PAID Family Leave

Watch the TED TALK. We need women to work, and we need working women to have babies. So why is America one of the only countries in the world that offers no national paid leave to new working mothers? In this incisive talk, Jessica Shortall makes the impassioned case that the reality of new working […]

More Leadership Quotes from our Team

This is an easy and fun way to involve your team and learn more about what is important to them. We all contribute our favorite quotes to a shared internal site. The quotes are read and “liked” by our team. The name / email of the contributor is available for a quick note or you […]

Sitting Too Much …Women Read This!

Sitting Too Much Increases Cancer Risk in Women

Article date: July 16, 2015 By Stacy Simon

I’ve written about this often over the years… so it comes as no surprise. It isn’t just Cancer risks, but also circulation, stress levels, blood pressure even something as simple as constipation…. all the incidences of all these […]

I Will Walk. Join Me?

This September, a team of wounded veterans from around the United States will come together to climb and summit Gannett Peak, standing at 13,804 in Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. You can support the 2015 Warriors to Summits team by pledging to Walk with the Warriors to ensure that the team knows they are not walking through […]

Denver Police are Rewarding Good Deeds

Caught in the ACT???……. doing something good! Denver PD is handing out $10 gift cards for Pizza. wow!

The Police Department has teamed up with a local Pizza place to reward good behavior like ARTICLE HERE….. crossing in the cross walk with the light and other good deeds. The Denver PD handed out 500 cards.


Contractor, Employee….Gig, Career

There are so many ways to work temp, or on-call or freelance, almost as many words to describe what kind of work you want – job-share, remote, on-site….. It affects benefits, customer service, consistent products, pay rate and fairness.

In past months, there’s been increasing pressure to shift the relationship from contractors to employees. There […]