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Our Military Heroes – Happy 4th of July, America!

Learn more about these great exhibitions, web sites and the history of our military service that keeps the USA safe and proud.

Soldiers to Summits – This climbing expedition is designed to help wounded veterans overcome barriers in their lives. This year, the expedition will take place on Mt. Whitney. Located in California, it is […]

JUNE is here!

What are you going to do for JUNE? The weather is nice. You could have a Team Walk or plan a picnic. These are great low cost events. Pot Lucks, Ice cream break time, and swapping chili and BBQ sauce recipes are all fun to do. June is National Safety Month!

I’ve added a few […]

September Days to Remember!

It has been a long hot summer. Did half of your staff just fall on the floor at the mention of another 2 hour long staff meeting? ugh! Could there be an insurrection? Mutiny?

Don’t let it come to that! Bring Playdoh to your next meeting and watch the faces light up with smiles. You […]

Amazing April – time for an Event?!

April Days to Remember!

The “big deals” this month are April Fools (watch out) and Earth Day. Both have great opportunities for Employee Recognition, event planning and fun.

Of course, April Fools can be a disaster, pranks don’t always come out right. Be prepared for silliness and surprises, make some of your own! What is […]

OCTOBER is PINK!!! Wear It!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM), also referred to in America as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. The campaign also offers […]

Denver Police are Rewarding Good Deeds

Caught in the ACT???……. doing something good! Denver PD is handing out $10 gift cards for Pizza. wow!

The Police Department has teamed up with a local Pizza place to reward good behavior like ARTICLE HERE….. crossing in the cross walk with the light and other good deeds. The Denver PD handed out 500 cards.


End of Another Great Year! December Days!


1 National Pie Day and Eat a Red Apple Day 2 National Fritters Day 3 Galileo invents the telescope in 1621 4 Wear Brown Shoes Day and National Cookie Day 5 Happy Birthday to Walt Disney, American animated film producer (1901 – 1966) 6 Happy Birthday to Dave Brubeck, American pianist and composer (1920) […]

My Favorite Blog Posts

Here are some links to the information that really connects with me, it is a variety of things that can make your work life better. I’d also recommend the exercise blogs. There is alot of good information, for example, if you type MOVE into the search tool on this blog you’ll come up with several […]

Kudos to Contractors

My company has a great recognition program. Formal recognition, informal recognition, team excellence and manager recognition. We do not recognize contractors in these programs. Why? Because our recognition programs are part of our employee benefits. After asking many team members, I have reached the understanding that many managers and coworkers would like to recognize their […]

Looking for Heroes

Most kids today don’t have heroes. You may not have thought about it or asked them. But it is a critical element of resilience. Having a hero can inspire, having a hero can help us set goals, having a hero can help us get moving.

If you are having team meetings, bring it up. Talk […]