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NPower does Good Deeds and We Win!

NPower is worth watching or better yet, worth connecting with! They provide training at various colleges all over the USA focused on the needs of Veterans and underserved youth.

To promote its newest launch, NPower had a great networking event on September 15th held on the USS HORNET. We got to mingle and it was […]

Descriptive Words

Running out of Descriptive Words?!? NOW is a great time to recognize a team member, hard worker, or a person that lends a hand!

Sometimes the perfect word is on the “tip of your tongue”, here is a helpful list from four basic categories and some questions the answer when working on recognition:

What […]

College of San Mateo Turns 50!!

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday June 1 all day 10 -6pm There will be music, dancing, showcases, speeches and so much fun.

This is an amazing college, home to so many great teachers and students. There are clubs and activities, throughout each semester. Check out Open Heart Yoga, that presents wonderful community events. There are […]

Recognition for One, Please!

This is a great link, related to blogging and getting your content read. So What? It describes HOW people pay attention to content and information. When you are making Recognition choices this is very important. If you spend big $$$ on recognition you want it to be Relevant, Remembered and “Just Right”. That is a […]

Inspired Green Work

Would you like to work in an area that is meaningful? JobTrain is offering training in Weatherization and Energy Audit brought to you with the Stimulus money for green job training. This training group is amazing and experienced and training is free. More than free, they make sure you succeed! And while you are thinking […]

Training is crucial

Keep training of your team members in the forefront of your mind. It empowers your team. Have a person that is learning something new, then train a co-worker on what they just learned. This train the trainer concept helps get the whole group moving one direction. AND it can lead to great process improvements and […]