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Gift Giving in the Office

In large corporations and diverse organizations this can be difficult due to time zones, locations, remote workers and the number of people taking time off during the December holidays. If your group can ‘get together” they are very fortunate! We hear wonderful stories about group events all time: movies & popcorn afternoons, coffee breaks, art […]

Clandestine Layoffs

Companies are complaining that they can’t get enough Tech Workers. really? Corporations are talking about the need for H1 Visas and the lack of technically skilled workers. oh come on! I realize that every big company is sticking to a budget and “bottom line” is in every sentence BUT when I started in technology companies […]

Givng Thanks & Diversity

This is the link to the 11 page 8th annual America’s Table created by Temple Jeremiah which celebrates diversity and the important goal that EVERYONE regardless of background have a place at the table. It is inspirational, easy to read, and its comic book style makes it something to share with all ages.


Having a customer say Thank you is always nice. When the thanks is accomponied by exactly what was so great – – then it is more meaningful. Saying THANKS is the quickest easiest way to encourage people, so don’t be stingy, say: “Thanks for helping me finish this project on time.” or “Thanks for coming […]

Military Service and Recognition

Veteran’s day is almost here, what will you do at your company. You could send a email…. think about what displays the goals of your company in honoring service, acknowledging hard work and patriotism. Here is an example: I’d like to Thank You for your service to our Country. Along with the millions of Americans […]