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Desperate Times

You didn’t save enough, you’re out of a job, money, energy and looking for a way to get through the next few months. Stop blaming yourself. Remove “should have,” “would have” and “could have” from your vocabulary. You can get stern with yourself later. In fact, after you have a job you can even do […]

Survival Strategies for Laid Off Employees

Were you once an Inspired Employee? But now you cannot find a job? Here are 10 tried and true tips they may give you some relief.

Many people are writing about the job market and making suggestions. Some suggestions are like “MILK AND COOKIES” just there to soothe. But you don’t need soothing you need […]

Loving What you Do!!

Change brings opportunities!

Are you doing what you love? Maybe some soul searching is in order! You may find, as I did, that I love my job, it fits me very well and apart from some annoying administrative tasks, it is “just right” for me.

If you find a change is necessary, then cast a […]

Learn from Google!

A lot has happened in our work force. If you work in technology, you may wake up every morning and say, “Thank God I have a job” . Many do, I do. But we are in charge of our own boat. Look at this excerpt from the Silicon Valley Web Guild posting – What does […]

Happiness and Social Networks

I thought you would LOVE this article about happiness and social networks and how the people around you can influence degrees of happiness. …. Happiness can spread in social networks just like the common cold.

We all know which one we’d rather have!! Check it out… it will make you smile!