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Are Layoffs Required?

It is a slump, a slide an economic downturn…. we have been here before. Are layoffs inevitable? Before you think YES, realize the damage a layoff causes:

Conflicting messages of good performance and “we don’t need you” Drop in morale Confusion about company values Drop in productivity among the layoff survivors

What else can be […]

Do you KNOW your Team?

There are a million things to do, here is one that should be at the top of the list. Get to know your Team! This is critical for every manager, and for every team member – it helps increase work satisfaction and feeling connected.

The Basics

Be able to identify each team member’s:

Name Length […]

A Few Tips on Going Green

Celebrate Earth Day with your Team… get your Company involved.

Reduce: Eliminate unnecessary photocopying and printing Save energy; turn off lights, radios or fans when not in use Replace your light bulbs at home with CFL light bulbs Turn lights off in conference rooms when the room is not in use Reuse: Use a […]

Implementing a ROWE

ROWE = Results Oriented Work Environment.

Imagine that! The basic idea is that employees are trusted to do the right thing. They are treated as adults and are free to make their own choices about how, when, where the assigned work is done. Trusting employees leads to satisfaction and higher productivity. You must also make […]