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We are Having an Ice Cream Social

It is summer. It has been a really busy Q2. We are celebrating our happy quarter end with ICE CREAM. Total Cost = $30. Team Building is easy with a quick and easy dessert.

We bring the basics, and ask for each person to bring some fun addition. We have the ice cream and our […]

National Friendship Day

August 1st. If you haven’t gotten around to entering the world of social media, I would like to encourage you to check out LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter. Why? It is an excellent networking tool, all three help you stay in touch with your group of “trusted advisers”.

LinkedIn is essential to working people and […]

Innovation, Creativity, Curiousity

These are the “habits” that I nurture in myself with CURIOUSITY being first. After living in Technology all my life, I am excited and thrilled by all the changes. This is a curious persons paradise. Of course, some people pull back and shut off, but curiosity is a “muscle”, you can train yourself to be […]

Great Seminars, Great Price

People on the Go! offers concise affordable series of classes for all of us. Pierre is a dynamo. He just sent his “fan club” a quick email offer…. here it is:

in case you (or one of your colleagues/friends/spouse/partner) happen to be in the area and interested in hearing some insightful presentations, this is a […]

Informal Recognition

Maybe your company has a great recogntion program … but you’d like something a little different!

Here are some suggestions that may help: Informal recognition can be a great help in recognizing team efforts especially when you are a blended team of of new and old team members. This is especially helpful during a merger […]

Layoffs, Layoffs, and more

After a brief respite, I am back to having a tantrum about layoffs.

The big NY banks are posting huge profits, the tie-men are getting another round of bonus payments and yet…..maybe they haven’t heard that this is very poor PR. it is nice that Citi is offering $100 for starting a new checking account […]

Attributes of a Great Manager

Have you had a GREAT manager? What are your favorite qualities? Many companies have certificates and online areas to post your feelings about your managers. If there is such a thing, then make sure to use it. […]

Contact List

This is a tip for getting your team inivolved. We all know how hard it is to find the right person to help with a task or resolve an issue. The same problem holds true when a valued team member goes on vacation.

MAKE SURE to add a contact list to your internal site, put […]

What Do you EXPECT?

How do you want your managers to behave? Have you clearly told them what you expect?

You can be any role in a company from teller, admin, manager, VP, project manager, short order cook, scientist but whatever you are part of something…. even if it is a one person company. You want to be inspired! […]


Do you know what people / team members / vendors THINK about you as a company / Team / individual???? ASK.

Are you sought after? Relevant? or… Boring? You want to know if you are making the right impression – you must check in. For your team members check on what the know about you […]