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What is your Team Interested in?

How about Green Technology? This is a great team building activity.

Be prepared to inspire your teams and coworkers. Help them think creatively! Go GREEN!

If you are making green efforts, then make sure to publicize on Team web sites, newsletters, Corporate websites, press releases –

Acknowledge […]

Who Are You?

Is it time for a little introspection? Do you need to figure some things out? WHY? With so many things in the economy, job market, social network, technology changing, it is a good time to take a look at YOU!

Are you doing the job you want? Could you be more productive with a different […]

More Information, Please

Do you value multi-lingual speakers? Do you encourage your teams natural gifts. Do you “push” your team to take on stretch goals? Why not? Your group needs your encouragement to learn more.

The wisest mind has something yet to learn.

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Getting Back to Work

Here are some hints and tips for a better “return to work” transition:

Communicate Clearly. When you are returning to work from several weeks off due to illness, travel, leave of absence or a new position, proper communications will set the stage for a more stress-free return. Confirm date, time, location. If you have direct […]

Education is Valuable

Do you have an employee training fund? If so, use it. Explain what the benefits are and how to apply to your team. Ask people in the program to explain how it has made a difference to them. Promote Education and training, it leads to flexibility in the work place and innovation.

If you […]

Training is crucial

Keep training of your team members in the forefront of your mind. It empowers your team. Have a person that is learning something new, then train a co-worker on what they just learned. This train the trainer concept helps get the whole group moving one direction. AND it can lead to great process improvements and […]