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When Your Company Moves

Nektar is moving to Mission Bay to be surrounded by like BioTech minds and Tesla… where are they going? These SF Bay Area Darlings have alot of people wondering what is next? How DO you replace a “favorite son” company? What if a company feels so attached to one city? San Carlos will miss Nektar […]

Inspired Green Work

Would you like to work in an area that is meaningful? JobTrain is offering training in Weatherization and Energy Audit brought to you with the Stimulus money for green job training. This training group is amazing and experienced and training is free. More than free, they make sure you succeed! And while you are thinking […]

Volunteering Made Easy

One of the most INSPIRING things I do is volunteering for a cause that I have a passion for… I especially enjoy Sierra Club clean up days, Second Harvest and music benefits. There are MANY opportunities to get involved, check out ONE BRICK they have a calendar and descriptions of each event – you sign […]

Wage Works – Benefits

Wage Works is a company that provides many services for employees. I have used their Health Savings and Benefits for years and I love their customer-focused service. They have a contact number, and I have never been disappointed, they always answer my questions and help me get the right action or service.

Besides the fairly […]

JOB TRAIN Open House OCT 8

Job Train http://www.jobtrainworks.org/ is having an OPEN HOUSE to showcase its amazing programs, students, faculty. There will be great food, live music, fun stuff for the kids – face painting and a clown. Job Train offers free training in several areas, support in your job search, programs especially for young adults and an amazing day […]

WHY Social Media?

Connection, Collaboration, getting to your team members, getting the word out…… Get on board! This youtube says it better than I can: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8

There are several groups that can help you learn.