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Be Thankful

Your thoughts set up your entire day. Hold on, think about this.

Use your thoughts to increase your happiness. Make it a goal to think about positive events and experiences in your daily life as much as possible. Rather than grinding through shortcomings of yourself and others try thinking about the good things in your […]


Here we are….The last month of the year, and everyone is working SO HARD. Make some time for fun and to acknowledge your efforts and those of others!

Month Long Celebrations

Hi Neighbor Month Read a Book Month Universal Human Rights Month National Stress-free Holiday Month Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Day Celebrations for December


It Could Have Gone Better

Everyone adds alot of pressure to their lives, in terms of work and success. This post is inspired by a Kaiser Permanente Thrive article, they have really captured the “Healthy Imagination” with their THRIVE program. I love their inspired messages, and helpful healthy hints.

When you aren’t happy with the way you handled a particular […]

Veteran’s Day Recognition

There has been a movement going on for awhile….put the VETERAN back in Veteran’s Day. And WHO better to acknowledge for service…. our veterans gave up everything, including their fear, to serve our country.

Redwood City, CA started having conversations about this months ago. The American Legion proposed a coffee and doughnuts get-together on November […]