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Inspired New Years Resolutions

Borders Books has challenged their team to create resolutions and add them to a blog. Turn resolutions into reality is what they call it. What a GREAT idea! There are several inspired resolution, here is a sample:

Act on the information learned in the book, 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your […]

Finding the Right People

I am inspired, I love what I do. How do I surround myself with inspired people too? Ask your interviewee what MATTERS to them, While you are at it, ask your team What Matters as well. You’ll often be surprised, you will definitely learn more about each person.

Here is a NY Times article, an […]

Trends for Leaders

I wanted to promote a great article on leadership trends for 2010. The four mentioned trends are:

Social Media Using “more with less” philosophy for innovation People are our most Important Resource Let your people do their JOB

In particular, there is a discussion of recognition:

“Saying people are valuable and showing they’re […]

Age is no barrier to Good Cheer!

This is a great article about bell ringing Seniors, that are bringing the music in. Thanks SFGATE for this Good News article, The Silver Bells are demonstrating that you just gotta get out there and do it. They even have a comedian, Veronica is 106! The youngest is 76 and they hail from the Home […]