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Early Bird Group?

If you are a late-riser or a night owl, switching to a group where EVERYONE but you, comes in at 7 a.m. “ready to go” is a disaster! You can change habits, this is good to know. Imagine if you wanted to be a stock broker and your start time was 5 a.m. but you […]

Knowing the Company you Work For!

I don’t know much about history. But I recommend learning the history of the company you WORK FOR. Why? It helps you understand goals and driving principles. We have so many local companies with amazing history! Hewlett Packard, Google, Apple, Silicon Graphics, NASA, Cisco, IBM, Ampex, Facebook and so many more.

Take a look […]

Firewall for Bad Moods

The old adage you are what you eat, talks about what “makes us”. But how about who we are surrounded by? Are your Co-workers Drama lovers? Are people who work with you full of gossip and bad will? Think about some insulation!! Did you know the Bad mood spreads faster than the Good Vibe? Tak […]

Bayer uses Triple-I to Collect Great Ideas

Bayer knows where great ideas come from: yes of course, from its team members! But how to pick and act on the very best ones with the most potential? This is a great article, from Forbes. It discusses the 3 Is: Inspiration, Ideas, Innovation.

“It’s not easy to weed through employee ideas when you have […]

Question POWER!!!

Up with Questions!! Here is an article in an e-Zine on management issues, I think you’ll enjoy it. An excerpt, to make you think: “When we don’t ask questions, we remain wrapped in our personal assumptions about how the world works and what people are doing and thinking. The result is that we can make […]

Leadership, the Tough Questions

At Ford Motors, there are alot of things to discuss. One of the USA’s largest corporations needs change, but how to empower leaders? This transcirpt/ article from The Washington Post discusses the culture of “YES MEN” and how to change it to meaningful discussion, action, and collaboration. I recommend it.

My favorite response during Mulally’s […]

Recognizing Military Service- Providing a New Home

There are many ways to serve our communities and our country, We often honor our volunteers and this is so important because the work they do makes the difference to so many schools and organizations. We also honor our military service people, but sometimes a parade is not enough. Often, they need some basic services […]

Listen to your Group!

Usually I am a happy contractor.

It has been difficult to be an employee! But because it has been worse to be laid off and out of work, employees remain grateful to have a job. However, that doesn’t mean that WANT to stay …just that they HAVE to stay. How do you keep up the […]