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Elder Care, Do you know your Team?

When someone in your team has a baby or adopts a child, there is a cause for celebration. A great deal of support (hopefully) is available for the new parents in the workplace and with their family and friends. Not so for elder care! This is often a hard time in life where family members […]

Job Train Open House October 7

JobTrain’s Open House is a great opportunity to see what they do so well. This group has made a difference in our futures by providing jobs, FREEtraining, coaching, office skills, computer skills, carpentry, green jobs, culinary arts, nursing and support for over 45 years. Located on O’Brien in Menlo Park. Check it out! You probably […]

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

You can get into a rut! Information is bombarding you everyday. But to develop your analysis of any situation you must enhance your critical thinking skills. It isn’t part of many college curriculums and you can turn into a “YES MAN” without it! It isn’t painful, here are some activities you can add easily:

Move […]

Setting Clear Rules

We all have a lot of demands on our time at work. In addition, we have requirements, that we must adhere to…. hopefully, these are clear, concise and easy to understand. When requirements are fuzzy or “whatever you think” it leads to confusion and frustration. Make sure your work requirements are spelled out and reviewed, […]

Not Gonna Take it Anymore?

It doesn’t reach a boiling point instantly, but over time, stressful jobs take their toll. Sniping customers, rushing all the time, feeling like your best isn’t good enough….. it can lead up to something you didn’t plan. Luckily no one was hurt when the door was pushed out of the plane onto the tarmac and […]

Operation: Care and Comfort

This kind of event is an excellent team building service project to have with a work group. Our troops really enjoy knowing that we think of them and want to show our support. There are also many activities that need to be done in this project and many times avaialbe during the last week in […]