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Life Cycle

Things really do go in a circle, I know it feels like it too. Day of the Dead is coming up — on November 1 and 2, it is a great time to acknowledge this circle of life, death, birth and new beginnings.

San Francisco hosts their annual Dia De Los Muertos event, November 2. […]

Slow Life

What is going on? There are Christmas ornaments in the stores, it is Oct 13…. Christmas is more than two months away. I cannot imagine living my life in this state of frantically trying to move from one event to the next. I am going to STOP right now, Take a breath and ENJOY Halloween. […]

Up with Happiness!

Personally, I plan at least some happiness everyday. Some days are challenging, but I know what to do, a walk always works, an ice cream no matter how small or low-fat always works. What is your happiness guarantee? I bet you have one. Saying thank you and volunteering at a worthwhile cause also works for […]