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Post 105 Flyer

MEMDAY_FLYERS_052811Volunteer with Redwood City Post 105 on the Annual Refreshments Detail Golden Gate National Cemetery Saturday, May 28, 2011 06:30am ‘til the Last Flag Is Placed Help Setup & Serve Coffee, Cocoa, Tea & Donuts To Scouts, Parents, Veterans and Other Volunteers Bringing Veterans and Families Together to Honor Those That Died for Our Freedom […]


This is a PBS HOME VIDEO series of 11 shows, hosted by journalist Robert Mac Neil. The 60 minute show that I watched was about “writing the experience” and recording the pain, hurt, sorrow, pride that doesn’t lend itself to a casual conversation. Most Vets that I know, don’t discuss their war experiences. My Dad […]

Remembering on Memorial Day

Do you know a Veteran or someone in the military. It is time to say THANK YOU. Remembering and recognition are so important to our troops. YOU can get involved, by volunteering with the American Legion posts to put flags at the National Cememtaries located throughout the country. Redwood City Post 105 is placing flags […]

JUMP Around!!

Sitting is a killer, GET UP AND MOVING!! The simple act of WALKING boosts your metabolism, helps you get ready for the next task, jump starts your creativity. Take your team on a “walking meeting”, schedule a walk to the farmer’s market during lunch, get outside and start energizing.

INC. has a great article with […]