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Compline at Stanford University

Compline is a wonderful break from a busy world, it is done at the Stanford Memorial Church. (pronounced “komp-lin”) A reflective, contemplative 30-minute service of hymns, anthems and chant sung by Stanford and local choral ensembles in the tranquil candlelit ambiance of Memorial Church. All are welcome. Sundays, 9:00 – 9:30 pm (during the academic […]

ANSWER the QUESTION: Why Recognition???

Can you answer this question?

Why do we NEED recognition at our work places?

If you cannot, you probably need it more than most companies.

Bad attitude, poor performance, low morale, increased stealing, less sharing, too much work, lousy teamwork….. ah yes, it happens when you do NOT point out what you want as […]

True Words from the Founder of Virgin

As LinkedIn is a business that started in a living room, much like Virgin began in a basement, I thought my first blog on the site should be about how to simply start a successful business. Here are five top tips I’ve picked up over the years. From the founder of Virgin Airlines:

1. Listen […]