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You Can Stay Healthier

So many Deadlines and stress at work can make us sick! Try this easy guide for healthier living:

Buy organic Add fiber to your diet Eat more fish and lass red meat Drink lots of green tea and less alcohol Use foods with polyphenols (turmeric also called cut cumin), curries are also anti-inflamatory Skip the […]

Blast belly Fat

Holiday eating and socializing can add pounds, so start these great exercises:

Ages are listed as a guide, try all of them if you are able. The important thing is to get more active! Encourage your co-workers to join in with you and encourage each other!

In your 40s– Plank style exercises really help! In […]


My cousins always appreciate great service, and they are stellar examples of going the next step and sending recognition. They are very vocal about recalling the customer care and consistent service our Postal Workers have given us….. through rain, sleet and snow or in LA they have traffic jams, road rage and 100+ degree days. […]

Social Media – Talk to me!

Social Media Marketing University has a wealth of knowledge to send to you. They are great at training and helping us reach our customers. Thank you John Souza! Here is one of my favorite tip sheets, from the many they send out:

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Looking for a Team Treat?

I don’t think there is any substitute for something amazing and baked with care and great ingredients! Do you?

This little company bakes amazing (AMAZING) treats, better than I have ever been able to make, and so many varieties. If you want a gift or a treat for a group, this is a really great […]

Sign up for Free Seminar -Dr. Jean Houston

In this groundbreaking online seminar entitled “The 3 Keys to Discovering & Living Your True Purpose,” Jean Houston reveals her proven, time-tested process for how to not only discover your life’s purpose, but how to infuse that purpose into your daily life.

Join Jean on Saturday, December 8th at 9:30am Pacific for her groundbreaking no-cost […]