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Work with Me: The 8 Blind Spots Between Men and Women in Business

John Gray is publishing another book…. and just like all his books, he will have excellent research into the energy, faults, foibles that are part of our work. Check it out! He has a special offer to those that buy his book on Amazon, B&N or Indie! His letter with a link folows. – editor


Balloon Hat, the Idea, the Movie

Bring Joy to people you don’t know? How? Balloon Hat knows.

It’s hard to be serious when you are wearing a balloon hat. It’s a simple premise. And when you don’t know the language and communication is difficult, a balloon hat can build a bridge. These whimsical hats are amazing, uplifting and as this groups […]

Team Rubicon – There is a Need Here

Our USA has its problems, disasters and pain. There is a group that is ready to help. Its not “their” neighborhood, but they go willingly. Most are Vets, and the teamwork they learned in the military is certainly put to good use here. TEAM Rubicon makes a difference, look at this video.


Do You Know How To Find Hidden Jobs?

Did you realize that something like only 5 out of 1000 online job applications ever make it to the hiring manager’s desk? Not only is that very discouraging, but who has that kind of time to waste in their job search, anyway?

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That’s why learning to tap into the hidden […]


Who is she? Have you seen the spontaneous, colorful saying, posters, cards and books that grab your attention. That’s SARK. Her sayings make me smile AND these notes lead to transformation into happiness, creativity and living the life you are looking for….. it’ s worth a try! Take a look at WINS:


Turn a Good Worker into a Great Manager

It doesn’t always happen, some people are really meant to be individual contributors, but others are the future managers of tomorrow. What do they need to get there? Check out this INC Article, that outlines 6 steps.

It’s noble to try to “promote from within,” but irresponsible to promote without preparation. In some cases, you […]