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Customer Satisfaction – Cool Tools

Great customer support is important, but it can also be time-consuming and costly. Get Satisfaction aims to help by leveraging the strength of your user community and cutting down on repetitive support costs.

Get Satisfaction provides a forum where your customers can get answers to questions, solutions to problems, and submit feature and new product […]

Are you a LEADER or a MANAGER?

First, what do you think the difference is? I can describe what I think, but check out this article from INC. , it’s thought provoking.

Manager: removes my roadblocks, in charge of setting tasks, deadlines, performance goals with me, and knows me pretty well. A manager knows when to add on the pressure and when […]

Big Data and the World

Seems to me we should always strive to convert data into information. It matters not, that we are barraged by data, we must still be selective.

However, this is an interesting article that is trending now, on BIG DATA and what we can learn it comes from Linked In which is a trusted source and […]