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You Gotta Do This!

So many sites filled with advice, but there are similarities between most of them. And it is just about what my Mother always told me.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Yes, you do. It can be light but needs to be balanced. Coke and Doritos doesn’t count. Take a minute to stretch, and loosen up your […]

An Incredible Feat of Art and Innovation – 240 years ago

Genius is everywhere!! Think computers were invented in the 1900’s? This is an inspiring video, and an exceptional way to help people think in a new way. Take a look…..

This is amazing!! The mind to conceive this device and the skill to create truly earn the declarative …. awesome! The fact that is has […]

I am Malala, a book to Learn from

Malala, a 16 year old girl, stood up for Education in Pakistan and was shot by the Taliban. Her courage is amazing, she is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Learn more from this Daily Show broadcast.

Accomplishments over the decades

There is so much to learn about. If you work with curious people, a TRIVIA question is a great way to get everyone involved in an impending meeting. There are “Days to Remember for each month of the year on this site, just type in the month you want in the search bar and voila! […]

A Boomer’s Childhood in One Place!

***Sometimes, it is a fun/funny/silly activity to compare our history in a meeting. This is a pictorial representation of one generation! The BOOMERS! 1945-1960 more or less. Each generation has their icons. We have acknowledged accomplishments over the decades, and it is fun to compare Heroes, favorite movies, etc. This chit-chat does serve a […]

Managing Differences

Perception. It doesn’t have to be reality, but we often believe something about someONE that is entirely untrue…. unfortunately… we often don’t “check in” with that person to sort out fact from fiction. Differences…. or should we focus on Diversity…. can make teams stronger and round out skill sets. It is something to give some […]

Choose Happiness

What’s in Your Best Brain?

Rick Hanson created this Your Best Brain multimedia presentation , it discusses all kinds of things, but recognizes that we can LEARN Happiness. Hardwiring Happiness shows you how to transform the simple positive experiences of daily life into neural structures that promote lasting health, feeling cared about, and effectiveness. Rather […]

Give Thanks for Play Time!

Pumpkin Farms, corn mazes, wine tasting, it’s all part of the Fall!

Enjoy every minute! Check out this great Farm for some family friendly, low cost fun in the great pumpkin patch and the corn maze that is a local favorite.

Take your team for an outing. Get a pumpkin, get lost… in a good […]

Health and Yoga

Yoga creates awareness–of the mind, body, and spirit connection. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, join Manduka, leader in high performance yoga gear, in raising awareness for this disease that has moved so many of us.

Your team works better when they are healthy. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a team […]