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Doing What You Love & Unemployed Life

Imagine if…. you couldn’t do what you love. Many of us have found the right career, the perfect position or the Best Team. Sometimes layoffs and downsizing mean that you don’t get to do what you love. The book, Unemployed Life is about this process of getting back your life, job, hope.

Indiegogo is working […]

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, the love and gratitude is pouring out all over, from friend to friend, on FB, in emails, people talking about HOW you made them feel, HOW you changed their life, so many millions will keep your words alive!

Maya Angelou, Words of Wisdom.

Poet Maya Angelou, author of ‘I Know Why the Caged […]

TimeBanking, a system of currency in Helping

It is new and making a difference! It is not charity, but sharing what you can do and getting help with what you can’t do! The concept is called TIME BANKING

It is the embodiment of the catch phrase, Pass It Forward!

Contact: Christina Araiza at 650-934-3556 email: araizac@pamf.org timebank.linkages.org

linkAges TimeBank orientation If you’d […]

Staying Healthy

Working while sick & tired, is never fun. You can increase your health, and energy level with exercise, and getting sugar out of your diet: 10 Simple Ways to Slash Sugar. One way to reduce the toxic load on your body is reduce your fat (yes, toxins hang around in your fat). With that in […]

Google Search Terms, Trends and Estately Tool

The most used search terms by state?


We at Inspired Employee thought you’d want to know, because it’s funny and because this technology is used to predict behavior. I wonder just what this says to HR and Statisticians!?! You might use these tools for business related purposes in your company.

Just in […]

De-stress – Try some Arts and Crafts

It is really important to learn about activities that can help you relax. I’d suggest taking a walk outside in nature and sewing something by hand. The first catches my attention and lets me thing about what I am seeing. The second is quiet, easy and rhythmic. There is something for everyone. Ask your friends. […]

Filoli Offers Free Admission to Military and their Families

Filoli is a Blue Star Museum.

I am proud to be a volunteer at this estate, the garden and ground are beautiful. If you wish to have a “nature education hike” in the 600+ acres of Oak Bay woodland, call the Visitor Center and make a reservation. Thank you for serving, we all wish […]

Joe McBride – Why I Do Science

Joe McBride was one of my professors at UC Berkeley, in College of Natural Resources. In a group of professors, all outstanding in their fields of research, great teachers, inspiring, curious and really connected to the students – Joe stands out as a community hero. He loves science, he cares about urban forests and the […]

Blue Mountain E-Cards

What a nice way to recognize a wonderful team member, a special effort from someone at work, or acknowledge a work anniversary. You can get a 7 day free trial to see if this works for you. There are all kinds of cards. Here are some examples of the Workplace Congratulations cards. Aren’t they nice?


Honoring Volunteers

When community involvement and community support is a key element of your company values, you’ll want to track your volunteer hours.

How many employees are volunteers? Where do your employees volunteer? How many hours do they volunteer each year?

Go ahead make a “fuss” over your amazing volunteers! They will love the acknowledgement of their […]