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TED Talks – a Collection of Inspired Talks

There is such a diversity of ideas and thought-provoking ideas. These short youTubes will knock your socks off! (Click on the name to go to the YouTube link.)

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shape who you are Body language affects how other people see us. Changing to a powerful body posture can change your performance, […]

What is Manleep Srimongkoun?

Team Dinner, Try Something New!

What is Manleep Srimongkoun? Check the Internet and you will find it is one of SF’s most talked about restaurants among the locals. This local, quiet restaurant is serving up great food with a specialty in the cuisine of Laos.

[Map] 4995 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94112


Zappos, a new twist on Hiring

Is it really true? Is it working? I wonder if you get a type of job-seeker that can navigate social media or just play games better than their peers. I admire Zappos as a company with vision, core values, character and community involvement. I wonder how this is working out!?

On-line shoe retailer, Zappos, just […]

Making a Difference with a Scholarship

This story describes a team of 3 girls, becoming Basketball Greats and then going on to honor their teammate. The Q Scholarship honors Lindsey Quinby, their teammate, whose life was cut short in an accident.

Joining sports as a youngster leads to a lifetime of great teamwork. It is so very important to have kids […]

Trampoline Dodgeball, a team sport!

Get Moving….. have you tried Trampoline Dodgeball???? Can you even imagine Trampoline Dodgeball?

Are you ready to bounce off the walls and the floor? Good. Because at Sky High the floors and walls are all trampolines! Can you duck a ball? Reserve a private court for two hours, and your TEAM will have blast. Or […]

Inspired Books

This seems like a great time to discover the “inner YOU”. Why? Everything is changing.

Is there something you want to explore or learn about yourself? Pay attention to that inner voice.

Here are some of my favorite books for LOOKING Inside:

Creative Visulatization, Shakti Gawain — discusses using mental imagery, and how it is […]

William Matson Roth

Dear Filoli Community,

It is with much sadness that I report to you that William Matson Roth passed away May 29th at the age of 97 years. He and wife Joan had already booked flights to return to Muckross, Ireland this summer as they have done for many years. As you know, Bill played a […]

Do you WANT to be a Googler? Or Not!

Just in case, you always wanted to join the ranks of GOOGLE and swill the free drinks, work hard – really hard, in a wildly competitive environment…. you really should read this article, by J.T. O’Donnell.

It’s posted on LinkedIn and gives a great perspective on the HOT COMPANY dream world. Research is the […]

Got HAPPY????

You will absolutely love this….. out of difficulty and pain….. this beautiful and amazing city in Japan. Please watch this youtube music video based on the the Happy song by Pharrell Williams.


I had to watch it twice, it made me smile and tears come to my eyes. I am […]

Emoticons on FB

Will you do ANYTHING to communicate better? Try social media, twitter, and more? If you really want to get the WORD out, you will be involved in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Imagine that! That is where your audience is…. so try it out.

This legend of emoticons, may make it more fun! Just […]