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Overloaded and Out of Energy

It happens, and in our culture many employers reward the uber-busy. It is commonplace to brag about getting no sleep, not being able to exercise or go to a doctor’s appointment. But what are you really saying? I am too busy to take care of myself. I am too busy to be creative. (because that […]

I Choose To Be Happy, Lizzie Velasquez

This powerful message is given by Lizzie on kindness, acceptance and staying true to yourself. She speaks about bullying and has been called many names, among them “The World’s Ugliest Women”. She has a nutritional disorder that stops her from gaining weight, so she looks different, different enough that she has experienced cruelty first hand. […]

Inspired Award: Best of the Best

LifeHack bring a wealth of inspired knowledge your way. You can sign up for the newsletter or visit when you have time. Here is a post that inspired me: full post here

20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

yes there are 20, but here are a couple to […]

Wanderlust through the Banjo in China

An inspired story about the BANJO, China and the story everyone has to tell. This TED talk, will wake up your imagination and joy of coming home or finding a new place: Abigail Washburn: Building US-China relations … by banjo It all starts with Doc Watson and Shady Grove. TED Fellow Abigail Washburn wanted to […]

mise-en-place, yes, Everything in its Place!

This is a great article, easy to get the gist of it – just from the title. But really, how many of us do this? Setting your intention is done is yoga & meditation, is that similar for you? You may be doing a form of this, a way to organize and prioritize. That’s the […]

Visual Aid: Tips for Running Effective Meetings

REALLY NICE JOB Jeevan Varughese Cheat sheet for an effective meeting.

A salute to our heroes!

Support veterans and current military members with a letter writing event! You can do this as a team event in your company.

Let’s honor our military members and thank them for their service! Think about what our veterans do for the USA-it’s not just for July 4th, Veteran’s days, or […]