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Do Something Good for YOU!

Some mental health benefits that have been demonstrated as a result of regular exercise include:

Improved sleep (Do you get enough?)

Stress relief (When did you take a deep breath?)

Improved mood (Are people calling you GRUMPY?)

Increased energy, stamina, and mental alertness (Be your Best!)

Research dating back to 1981, and confirmed and extended […]

Recycling Phones Securely

Step One: Charge the battery: Locate old BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad devices and charge the batteries. Step Two: Wipe the device: BlackBerry: Enter an incorrect password into each device 5 times. iPhone or iPad: Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. Step Three: Verify the wipe: Verify device wipe completed successfully. […]

Leadership Quotes

My company has a fun activity that gets everyone involved. We share Leadership quotes on a common thread. Everyday there are a few new ones and a few comments on what is posted. I have discovered that everyone has a different idea of what a leadership quote is, and this multitude of quotes have such […]

TechSmith: Loud and Proud

I enjoy using their products. Many good innovative products, but they do way more. I signed up for the newsletter and look what I found! Here are just THREE amazing, stellar, innovative and yes of course, INSPIRING things that the inspired employees of the company spend time on.

I’m impressed!

What does YOUR Company do? […]