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Teaching Children (and their Parents) How to Save

Thanks to Erin Constantine for sharing this great information. I have added some comments on our own strategy as a family. There are many ways to change from spender to saver, its easier when you start with children. They really learn quickly!

Set up a savings account. While piggy banks are great for young children […]

Tips for Strengthening Work Relationships

Here are some simple steps and techniques you can adopt that will make a huge difference in encouraging and strengthening relationships among your work team: Develop friendships. Friendships at work create better-engaged teams and better outcomes for our customers. Make connections. Provide opportunities for your team members to share their “stories.” Create “teams” that volunteer, […]

Helping Kids COPE with Crisis

When local disasters or destructive weather events hit your town and scares your kids – you can help, and your school can use these tips too.

In general, be as calm as possible, use clear words and shorter sentences when communicating with a scared child. Your words are important, try to use less emotionally- charged […]

You Manage Things; You Lead People – Admiral Grace Hopper

You cannot manage men into battle. You manage things; you lead people.” – Grace Hopper (retired Admiral, U.S. Navy)

This quote from Admiral Hopper succinctly captures the differences between Management and Leadership. Often People, use these words interchangeably and assume that if someone is in Management position than they automatically assumed the leadership mantle. That […]

National Volunteer Week: April 12-18

National Volunteer Week is an annual celebration observed in the United States and in Canada in mid to late April, to promote and show appreciation for volunteerism in the two countries. This year it is observed April 12-18.

National Volunteer Week was first conceived in Canada in 1943 as a way to celebrate the contribution […]

And YOU get $70,000!!

Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price has announced that he plans to raise the base pay of every employee to at least $70,000 per year over the next three years.

Dan Price accepts the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the GeekWire Awards in 2013.

According to the New York Times, Price told his […]

Healthy Living Newsletter


April 2015 Healthy Living Newsletter <news@messages.cancer.org>

The American Cancer Society has a great newsletter – full of healthy tips and free. Sign up on their website to get a monthly copy.- the editor

Get Involved! This month we’re celebrating approximately 2.5 million American Cancer Society volunteers. Why not join them? A few […]

Tortured by EXCEL?

For the entire enlightening article – start here.

Just the references alone, may make you relax, take a deep breath and quietly whisper….. wow….. it’s not just ME!

“Microsoft’s Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet,” http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2013/02/13/microsofts-excel-might-be-the-most-dangerous-software-on-the-planet/ “Microsoft’s Excel Might Be The Most Dangerous Software On The Planet,” Ventana Research, http://ww2.ventanaresearch.com/rs/ventanaresearch/images/Ventana%20Research%20Benchmark%20Research%20Spreadsheets%20in%20the%20Enterprise%20Executive%20Summary%202013.pdf “Spreadsheet […]

Learning in the Collaborative Economy

This is a great email on our collaborative economies, networks and social media. Jeremiah Owyang continually has the insights and understanding to help us want to get involved and learn more! Check out his website here.

MAKE SURE to take a look at the table of various groups, the first one on Learning is […]