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New Work, How We are Changing!

You are…. a Worker of the future

Let’s look at the makeup of the U.S. workforce. One in every three Americans is a freelancer of some sort, according to a 2014 survey by Freelancers Union and Elance. This includes independent contractors, moonlighters, people working temporary or multiple jobs, and freelance business owners. Many expect this […]

Know the Pay Scale – Top Paid Tech CEOs

Have you ever wondered what the CEOs of large corporations such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Oracle make? Here is #1: Virginia Rometty, CEO, president and chairman

IBM Salary: $1,500,000 Bonus: $3,600,000 Stock Awards: $12,460,409 Change in Pension Values: $1,402,725 Perks and Other Compensation: $381,991 TOTAL: $19,345,125

Stormwind is revealing not only their 8-figure […]

Why Aesthetics Matter to Learning!

In the morning, do you reach for a favorite coffee cup or select an attractive outfit to wear to a meeting? Did the sleek and modern design of your smartphone influence your buying decision? What about your go-to websites? Are you drawn to the ones that are attractive and well-designed rather than those that are […]

BANDING TOGETHER to END Domestic Violence

This is a fun event if you like music and supports a ground breaking organization in the fight against domestic violence.

Family Violence Appellate Project gives survivors of domestic violence and their children a second chance at justice and safety. This is the only nonprofit organization in California dedicated to appealing cases on behalf […]

Get Moving! Walking Meetings!

TED Talks – Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk

There are many ways to GET MOVING, walking is just one. Standing Desks are another concept. Building more play into work is yet another way to enjoy life and get moving. Get Inspired – think outside the box.

Get Your Team Moving — this […]

5 steps to more JOY!

In times of joy, all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag. — W.H. Auden What’s your joyful noise? A whisper of gratitude for a stunning sunset? A belly laugh at a child’s sweet silliness? A “Yes!” for a challenge mastered?

No matter how you express it, you deserve and need joy […]

Stressed Out? Try this Restorative Yoga Class!

How can you perform well at work with your heart pounding and headaches? Or maybe its a co-worker that can’t focus or get started on all those deadlines. We all deal with pressure and tension in our jobs and lives – how to survive? Take action and try something new!

A wonderful, soothing Restorative […]

Love your Momma! Buy her a Geeky Gift!

Moms are awesome. The least we can do to show gratitude is to shower them with love and a couple of cool gifts. Plus, she brought you into this world and can take you out.

Geeky Moms are sometimes forgotten. How Sad! Or maybe you have already given her two or three decorative mouse pads […]

More Leadership Quotes from our Team

This is a team effort. It’s fun for us to share our quotes and get to know each other. The question is: What is your favorite Leadership quote?

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.” -Optimus Prime Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen

“The best company are those that seek the […]