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Time off from Work

Everyone talks about this. It can make or break a company, it can lead to optimism, hard work and loyalty or exhaustion, low morale and lack of engagement. In big companies, it can vary from group to group. When you NEED time off, and you can get it, then life is good. Of course, I […]

Fashion for a Cause: Kids and Art event this SUNDAY


We hope you are doing well. I’m not sure if I have shared already this with you… 3 fashion designers are launching their line as a benefit to Kids & Art at the Bay Club in Redwood Shores this Sunday June 28 from 5-9pm. Want to pass on the 50% off […]

Blue Star Moms – Friends and Families Support our Military

6/25/2015 — Homeless veterans in Northern Nevada now have more supplies to help make their lives more comfortable thanks to a $1,000 grant to the Blue Star Mothers of America from Wells Fargo.

“The grant was awarded for their 2015 project to partner with the Homeless Veteran’s Outreach Center to provide supplies, sheets, blankets, toiletries, […]

Your Passion, Your Work

Making your current job your best job? This is an important task; and one that each of us needs to work on from time to time, Right?

My passion: I love playtime, making events, inviting friends, enjoying great discussions, meeting new people and pursuing creative & innovative solutions. Perfect Job? Event Manager. IT IS ALL […]

Resiliency can be a learned skill

It’s worth it to tone down your stress and be more ready for the challenges that occur every day. And you can work on it with your TEAM!!

The good news: Resiliency can be a learned skill, not just a personality trait. You can develop the ability to bounce back — and cope with […]

Pitch to a Prospect – Tips!

Some Great information here, on the Wells Fargo Blog. It is available, and has a variety of business articles. The source of this article. (you can see updates and comments on the original blog.)

My job is to help tweak the evolution of technology at Wells Fargo by working with young companies that have innovations […]

Summer Reading?

Part of ENJOYING your summer is taking some times to rest, read, relax. Don’t have time for a great book? Try these!

15 Life-Changing Books You Can Read in a Day

I wanted to add, this book: “Fear and Trembling” from author Amelie Nothomb who writes many other short books, has an elegant, witty style. […]

Intel Capital puts $125M “Diversity” Fund


Intel Capital announced the Intel Capital Diversity Fund – the largest of its kind – to invest $125 million in businesses led by women and underrepresented minorities. The fund launches with investments in four companies – Brit + Co*, CareCloud*, Mark One*, and Venafi* – across a wide spectrum of industries, including the […]

Does your Resume make you look OLD?

7 mistakes that make your professional resume – and you – look old read it, or enjoy this summary: too long, using home phone not cell, needs URL to professional profile, has “objective” rather than “professional summary”, too many bullets – too much dense text, too much past, and last you added “references upon request” […]

The End of Stress

Don Joseph Goewey has come up with a recipe for “solving stress.” It calls for equal parts neuroscience, psychology, and common sense.

The Stanford University executive-turned-corporate trainer blends those ingredients in his book, The End of Stress, which boldly declares “you can switch your brain’s autopilot from habitual stress and anxiety to a mindset that […]