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EMV, Credit Cards and Retailers

Learning about the financial world is one of the smartest things you can do as an employee in ANY industry. The credit card industry, in particular, affects your business, your personal credit, and your access to purchases. If you are a small busines or sole proprietor, the way that you approach payments from customers may […]

Honoring our Military & our Veterans

I write about Veterans and honoring our military service personnel often…. yes, and it is easy to see why. These soldiers put everything on the line, they work every day to make our country strong and safe. There is no “Day Off” for what they do. Our Service people are just like you and me […]

I Will Walk. Join Me?

This September, a team of wounded veterans from around the United States will come together to climb and summit Gannett Peak, standing at 13,804 in Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains. You can support the 2015 Warriors to Summits team by pledging to Walk with the Warriors to ensure that the team knows they are not walking through […]

Denver Police are Rewarding Good Deeds

Caught in the ACT???……. doing something good! Denver PD is handing out $10 gift cards for Pizza. wow!

The Police Department has teamed up with a local Pizza place to reward good behavior like ARTICLE HERE….. crossing in the cross walk with the light and other good deeds. The Denver PD handed out 500 cards.


Point Montara Lighthouse

Do you know your local history?

Would you like to liven up your weekly meeting?

You could try an information “scavenger hunt” (Where is Point Montara?”) Or a give a list of certain attributes and have your team guess “what am I?”. (30 feet tall and made from cast iron) You could try a “would […]

EMV Chips are Here

Many small business are thinking they will pass on joining the EMV hoopla…. but EMV is more than that!

The cost of card fraud in the U.S. is estimated at $8.6 billion per year. EMV chip cards will help arrest fraud and is coming to the places where you buy gas, groceries, movie tickets, […]

500 SF Bay Area Low-income Residents to get Training

GREAT News! Nonprofit Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), the Bay Area’s leading employment and training provider, received a grant to provide low-income and minority residents the professional skills needed to obtain stable jobs that can lead to life-changing careers. The grant will specifically fund career pathway programs that address the critical skill-building needs of people living […]

Contractor, Employee….Gig, Career

There are so many ways to work temp, or on-call or freelance, almost as many words to describe what kind of work you want – job-share, remote, on-site….. It affects benefits, customer service, consistent products, pay rate and fairness.

In past months, there’s been increasing pressure to shift the relationship from contractors to employees. There […]

Value of Money

With credit card fraud on the minds of business – large and small – and the EMV chip gaining ground and being accepted by the large retailers like Target, who have had BIG fraud/risk problem in the past…… this looks like a timely and interesting collection! It’s not just fraud loss, and customer privacy, there […]