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SM CERT saves lives, Teaches skills

Getting Ready for El Nino?

How will CERT respond? Please come to our first ever training on Sandbag Operations hosted by the City of San Mateo Public Works Department. This training will occur on October 17th, at 9am and will end around noon. The day will begin at the San Mateo Senior Center, located […]

November Themes

November already!!?…. we are rapidly heading toward year end…. time for some recognition of GREAT projects, stellar efforts and completion of tasks!!

Month Long Celebrations

Peanut Butter Lover’s Month Diabetes Month National Raisin Bread Month Good Nutrition Month International Drum Month

This is a great time to schedule a team builder event, or something with […]

On this Day, Oct 6

This inspired me…. On this day October 6, 2007:

Jason Lewis set off with friend and fellow adventurer Stevie Smith from Greenwich, London on 12 July 1994, to complete the world’s first human-powered circumnavigation, and the two dubbed the journey Expedition 360.

By July 2007, Lewis had travelled over 60,000 km (37,000 mi). He […]

Community Hero! Homeless Prenatal Program in SF

Do you know a place that gets down to the basics…. and HELPS families…. homeless….single scared mothers??? And does all this with Grace and Compassion?

Homeless Prenatal Program does all this and more. And it has for 26 amazing years. They are having a luncheon. Take a look:


2500 18th St. San Francisco, CA, […]

Why would you run?

Lindsay Holmes writes on running….

1. Running makes you happier.

One word: Endorphins. Research has shown that exercise is a proven mood booster. When you’re active, your brain releases feel-good chemicals that perk up your attitude and make you happier post-workout. In other words, it’s a pretty healthy remedy for a bad day.

2. It […]

More Great Leadership Quotes from our Team

It’s a fun team building event…. we share our favorite quotes. We talk about them and give Shout-Outs for the most inspiring quotes. Here are last months contributions:

“I have never failed at anything. I have just found all of the wrong ways of doing it”

“Beauty catches the ATTENTION, but Character catches the HEART”