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Gifts- corporate, team amd family

There are many occasions that we want to celebrate. Retirement! Promotion! An addition to the family – baby or furry friend! Celebrations are great for your work friends. You can pick something fun and meaningful.

While you are carefully choosing gifts this year, please consider health.

Focus on giving EXPERIENCE gifts. Lunch with a friend, […]

The CrowdRise Giving Tower App

The Giving Tower app immerses you in a virtual reality world where you can interact with the Giving Tower and other iconic buildings from around the world. As the Tower reaches new heights, additional jaw-dropping virtual reality content will get unlocked.

Make a donation to support your favorite cause and watch the tower grow. If […]

Is YOUR EMPLOYER not Recognizing your pain?

What The Nursing Crisis Can Teach Any Industry About Employee Satisfaction

Nurses face low pay, long hours, and little recognition. What an industry in crisis can teach us about building a better workplace.

By Lydia Dishman

Not enough pay, long hours, an unmanageable workload, not enough staff, and lack of support from management. These frustrations […]

The Top 4 Paying Tech Jobs For 2016

Are you saying JUST TELL ME? OK. (Here’s the link for details from Stormwind.)

Wireless Network Engineers Big Data Engineers Data Scientists Mobile app developers

If you didn’t make this list, don’t sweat it! Here is the comprehensive 2016 Salary Guide brought to you by Robert Half. You could be one certification, or one […]

Dogs and Thier Families – All Brave Heroes

Lt. Cassie Wyllie’s Apache helicopter — swooped in at just the right moment to save military author and historian John Bruning and others aboard a Chinook helicopter that had come under attack from the ground in Afghanistan.

War is not gentle. But our men and women that serve, even though they are “tough as […]

Who is Inspired? Stormwind is!!!

I open up my email, ready for the onslaught of deadlines, demands and…. I see this….

Every day is a blessing, and it would be an even bigger blessing to be able to train you and your team. We’ve teamed up with Feeding America to spread the love even more. Here’s $2000 to help […]

Must Read: Five Personal Development Myths


Self-help and personal development are big business, but lasting change doesn’t come as quickly and easily as we’ve been led to believe. By Lisa Evans Source: FAST COMPANY newsletter, they provide superior content with a great variety of working, cultural, trending and interesting subjects.

Would you like to improve your relationships with people? How […]

Three Military-Tested Techniques To Improve your Decision Making

The U.S. Navy empowers individuals at the lowest levels to make important decisions, including the wrong ones.

By Neil Joglekar Source: Fast Company

“Captain, to the bridge.”

Mike LeFever, captain of the USS Destroyer, was abruptly awoken to these words at 3 a.m. to learn that a newly appointed officer had nearly crashed a $100 […]

The No Barriers Team

From a group I respect and suggest……. yes I joined them and walked too:

This group supports Veteran’s from all branches of service to come together as a TEAM and summit mountains, they work to overcome disabilities and pain, and they triumph as a team. We – the community where YOU live- support them with […]

Broadsheet – Loads of Great Information

Where do you get your information? If you are just looking at the “trending” on Google, you are certainly missing out. In this day of news articles that are poorly researched and inflamatory, I’d suggest a wide variety of sources for YOUR interests. You must be your own fact-checker. This newsletter provides a wide variety […]