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“Blue Monday”—typically the third Monday in January—as being the most depressing day of the year might not be scientifically proven, let’s face it: January and February can be a drag. Winter stretches ahead for weeks and, in many places, it’s so cold you don’t want to go outside.

What can you do?

Involve all […]

Personality Testing

I don’t care much for medical tests, but they can be useful. I feel the same about personality tests at work, sometimes they help a team be more respectful about different styles and approaches….and sometimes, not.


Personality tests measure the default settings of your motivational system. The motivational system drives your actions, and those […]

Be the BOARD MEMBER that Makes the Difference! March 2

New skills are cemented into place by DOING. Maybe you have been thinking about helping a group you love. You won’t be disappointed – with 150 to choose from. This is a great time to join a non-profit board, because you can learn more & meet many groups that are ready and willing to add […]

Always Learn: Did you KNOW?

I always have room to improve, so I decided to check myself on some word uses… imagine that…. I do have room for improvement. If you would like to enjoy the details, read on!

e.g. stands for exempli gratia, which means for example. Use e.g. to introduce one or more possibilities among many.

I like […]

Extraordinary Success

Anyone can manifest extraordinary success for themselves by paying attention to these principles:

Customers are everything. Knowing what the customer wants, and acting on that knowledge, is the key to business success. Nothing else matters as much. There is no substitute for hard work. It is not luck, chance, or fate that makes a […]

Quotes from our Team

We submit these to a shared area on our intranet. We have been doing this for more than 2 years. Wouldn’t you think we would slow down or forget to add our favorites? But we are still enjoying this process. Some are favorites, some seem to be adaptations of quotes that are already famous. This […]

The Secret to ENJOYING

HOW do you keep your brain limber? Make new decisioins, change your “carved in stone” reactions….. this article is about learning to LOVE WINTER. It has the strategies that are part of the Norwegian culture… but the ideas can be used for embracing ANY CHANGE: Focus on what you can CELEBRATE in your situation Find […]

Be Inspired – Follow your Passion with Stories and Interviews

One of our team members, has a passion for history. Our company has recognized him for his important research and stories on the Buffalo soldiers. As a boy growing up, Joe didn’t know about these important contributions of men (and women!) as African American soldiers in the Civil War. They went on to be soldiers […]

Action Verbs for Resume Writing

Actions Verbs

These verbs are perfect for your resume, they can be useful to you in updating your resume and preparing for interviews.


Decision making Management Change External activity Planning and control Research and development approverequire






solve executeapprove











recommend […]

Mechanics Institute Library Events

Located in the heart of downtown SF, this wonderful private library is a gift to the city. It feels like a slice of old San Francisco, full of tradition and history. Learn more about it – consider joining.



There are MANY events here, check them out!