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Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

This collection of art, is made available because the wishes and beliefs of the collectors were…. Art should be shared and viewed. What an amazing gift to the area!

Hans and Bessie Bechtler started collecting art when they were young and living in a two-bedroom apartment in Zurich, Switzerland. Artists flocked to Switzerland after World […]

Starts Feb 26 – 41st Annual Wells Fargo Ski Cup

What’s happening in Winter Park, CO?

On February 26-28, 2016 The Wells Fargo Ski Cup is held. It is the longest running professional ski race in the country and serves as a big fundraiser for the National Sports Center for the Disabled; the world’s top skiers with disabilities, amateur skiers, and snowboarders gather for skiing […]

Kids & Art – an AMAZING GROUP

There are many opportunities to volunteer. Every time you broaden your horizons with volunteering or attending a non-profit community event you find more of yourself more passion in your life. Live fully, take a look at these events and opportunities to get involved.

Here are Events and Excerpts from an amazing group that works with […]

American Heart Month and the 131 SF Hearts

I’m sure you have seen one of the 131 heart sculptures in San Francisco. They are all designed by different local artists. The 5-foot tall heart sculptures are adorned with a variety of designs and materials. Some are shiny, some are vibrant with pictures and cartoons. If you’d like to get involved and raise […]

Finding Women Leaders

Where are women? They are NOT on the boards of technology companies. **Almost 75% of privately held Technology companies have NO WOMEN ON THEIR BOARDS. **NOTE: Companies have been measured to have 36% BETTER productivity with 3 or MORE WOMEN ON THEIR BOARDS.

“Ensuring the right connection between current board members and a potential new […]

Parenting Skills You Use at WORK

Conflict resoluntion, setting goals & priorities, project management, managing personalities, patience: There are a lot of ways parenting prepares you to succeed at work. You are a MASTER at managing competing interests! I have known some employers that would rather have a entire work group of 25 year old single folks… but why? Look at […]

GREAT Happy Hints

Here are eight simple but powerful ways to follow their lead — and cultivate more happiness in your life:

1. Nurture social ties Satisfying relationships help us feel fulfilled. But sometimes, time with others takes a backseat to the daily grind. A tip if you struggle with this: Make a point to connect with at […]

Personality: Kids, Parents, Looking Forward

STUBBORN! If your kids (and possibly your co-workers) are stubborn, maybe this leades to more leadership, higher pay, or success!

And for parents trying to cope with stubborn children…. there is a benefit too. Think about what you learn, as your kid is screaming on the floor of the grocery store ( I still cringe […]

CrowdRise: Inspiring Project in Franklinton

This is an amazing group full of the best most compelling stories. Young people that could lose their hope forever are finding new skills while fixing abandonned, dilapidated houses. The work is hard and hands-on and these kids are learning a skill. They are fixing up their community and finding a cautious but enthusiastic HOPE!


Strategy of Discussing Pain Points

When we started round-table discussion between business and technology (at a prior position) we were headed for conflict, blaming, and fault-finding sessions. We had to make some tough decisions together, but had not developed a “team” approach. What to do? We read a list of 5 items that established some “rules of engagement”. Our management […]