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Amazing April – time for an Event?!

April Days to Remember!

The “big deals” this month are April Fools (watch out) and Earth Day. Both have great opportunities for Employee Recognition, event planning and fun.

Of course, April Fools can be a disaster, pranks don’t always come out right. Be prepared for silliness and surprises, make some of your own! What is […]

Recovering from a “Disaster Day”

A distracted day, nothing got done. Now what?

I used to have a manager that would send me home early, if I came in late.

Baffling, huh? I thought he was trying to shame me. However, his reasoning was less malevolent than I thought.

He believed, that if I had a wrecked morning and came […]

Study Tips for your Learning Style

Ever wonder why some classes are a torture, and others come easy? Are you taking certification exams and failing? Are you test traumatized? Finding it hard to remember the key points of a work-related seminar?

It often has to do with the combination of HOW you learn best and HOW the class is presented.

Get […]

Eight Career Skills for 2016

The Ability to Manage a Diverse Environment – realizing the many motivations and communication preferences and outlooks of all our generations working. Knowledge of Other Cultures – tolerance, allowing ambiguity, making mistakes and learning new approaches. A Global Mindset – understanding and communicating in global markets. Effective Conflict Resolution – team focused, able to […]

The Super Bowl Taste of the NFL

One out of six people including children and seniors struggle with hunger in America.

To address the needs of the hungry and homeless on the eve of the biggest football game of the year, the nonprofit organization Taste of the NFL held its single most successful charitable event: “The Super Bowl Taste of the NFL […]

Kids & Art – Painting Dedication

“Let’s Take a Walk”

Original painting by Brendan Murphy 10’x20′ acrylic and gouache on canvas

On February 25, Brendan Murphy dedicated his large-scale painting “Let’s Take a Walk” to Family House on behalf of Kids & Art. The painting is now installed in the main lobby of Family House, which is due to re-open […]

4 Week Effort and Healthier Result

Have you already tried, An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Here are four weeks of great helpful hints from United Healthcare. The best tips to help you move toward a new healthier include these items:

Pick one thing to concentrate on… Try that for several days THEN add another. Ask a friend to […]