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What Can YOU Do in 8 Minutes?

What was this question leading up to? Lots of answers? …. Did you guess this one?

Doctors today have less and less time to spend with patients (the average interaction these days is about 8 minutes).

As one physician recently put it, on the blog KevinMD.com:

“The ratio of time spent on doctor-patient interactions compared […]

Best Time of Year for Jobs / Hiring & Posting is Early Summer

Want a new job? The time to start is NOW. The most popular industry is Tech. … And Austin, TX beats out Silicon Valley and SF and the premiere “hot spot”. In Tech, 2 new trends emerge: HANA for database and Puppet for programming.

Read the Full article from Fast Company

The Best Time Of […]

Vets in Tech group (ViT) Provides Cyber-security Training

VetsinTech (ViT), an organization dedicated to helping veterans and active-duty military service members connect with the high-tech community. Grants supports cybersecurity training programs for military veterans transitioning to technology careers. These jobs are well-paid and in great demand, the future of trained professionals is full of opportunity.

Recent event: On April 7, more than 80 […]

The Basics – Planning Your Changes

To accomplish a process improvement, you can start with these analysis tasks. This is an overview. It’s less intense than a 400 page text book that costs $90… don’t you think?

So much has been written on the multitude of steps in business analysis, here is a “boiled down” list to get you started. […]

April 7 – Walk to Work Day

Not many people live close enough to walk all the way…. but don’t give up!

Get off the bus or BART a stop earlier and walk Have a Walking Lunch Take a walk with friends after work Join a walking group — look at MEET UP — many walks, many places, many leaders. It’s great […]

John F. Kennedy University & a growing Veteran Student Population


A New center in the East Bay! The VALOR Center – which stands for Veterans Academic Ladder for Opportunity and Resilience – helps pave an easier path to new careers and professions for our Veterans (a federal grant from the Department of Education).

With a growing Vet population, this comes at a crucial time. […]