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Hot Cocoa Mingle?

Too many late nights? Working more this week than all of last month?

YELP knows our pain, and has published a group of hot cocoa Heavens (or maybe havens)….ah….. I feel warmer and more energized already! Find a bit of relaxation, all that work will be there in the morning. And when you go…. bring a bleary eyed coworker that needs a break!

Warm up this week over a hot cup o’ cocoa. Sure beats putting on an extra pair of socks…

Yelpers have matured from instant mix to gourmet drinkable desserts. Tes B dons a halo before ordering the “silky hot chocolate” from Fleur de Cocoa in Los Gatos. She swears it’s made by angels and “tastes like heaven. Every sip is full of yummy goodness.” Cocoa connoisseur Danny K has “tried a lot of hot chocolates” and finds Monique’s in Palo Alto tops. There are ample options to choose from, but he advises you try it with mint and hazelnut milk. Emmalouise B can’t stop raving about the liquid assets at La Lune Sucrée in San Jose. “Seriously, try the hot chocolate. You won’t regret it. So rich and creamy,” you know you wanna take that viscous voyage.

Adding a little pep to his step, Jason O worked up the cojones to taste the chile hot chocolate at Dolce Bella in San Jose and was surprised that instead of needing an extinguisher, it was actually “quite refreshing.” In downtown San Mateo, Rene C is buzzing over Three Bees. She suggests you too “sneak away from the hustle of the street and into a land of peace” for a Mexican mocha. Sounds more like the three bees’ knees! Call it chance, but Katie B knows it was pure Serendipity that lead her to put her lips to an “incredibly spicy hot chocolate with a fiery kick to it” in the city of San Carlos.

Before reading Josh O’s words on “Willow Glen icon,” Elva’s, allow him to “hand you a napkin: The zebra mocha is a combination of white and regular, and comes with a hearty biscotti for dipping. Drooling yet?” Allister D goes cocoanuts for the chai mocha à la Red Rock in Mountain View. Bonus: “They don’t charge for whipped cream.” So go ahead and double that order. Janet O gets a little pick-me-up from the foam art at Bellano in Santa Clara. “There he is, my bear, looking at me with his paws holding the bottom of my mocha cup. Adorable!” So cute, we can bear-ly take it!

SF Gate has its own hot cocoa list and extols the chocolate cafe Bittersweet on College Ave in Oakland.

Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto gets my vote…. spicy, nice, cozy cafe with a fireplace. Across from Nola’s on Ramona.

Hot Cocoa at Bittersweet And if you’d like to do it yourself at home…. check out this bit of Cocoa Research by Huffington Post. Number One on this list was Guittard Grand Cacao and number two was Godiva Hot Cocoa.

I love hot chocolate with flavor so I enjoy Dagoba Organic hot chocolate mix – spicy, full of flavor… another choice is Ibarra Sweet Chocolate – you can find it in the grocery store in a bright yellow box, bonus – it can be used in cooking and as a topping.

For a special SF treat try MUKA (Underground wine and dessert lounge) for a fantastic dessert- maybe the chocolate ribbon whiskey soaked cake or other delicacies! And to ensure that you keep moving and enjoying this holiday season, try the SF Gourmet Chocolate Tour ($52).

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