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Champion of the Community Award

Sustainable Garden Project Leader Honored with Statewide Award
for Contributions to the Community

Beverly Hills’ volunteer-based Greystone Demonstration Garden gives back to the community while teaching locals about sustainable gardening, including beneficial insects

LOS ANGELES (February 27, 2013) —A community garden designed to educate about sustainable gardening practices, from beneficial insects to composting, is receiving major recognition from the California Parks and Recreation Society. Beverly Hills resident Barbara Linder has been honored with the organization’s Champion of the Community Award for her work implementing the Greystone Demonstration Garden, a volunteer-run Beverly Hills sustainable garden that benefits the local community.

Linder worked with donors, including California-based Organic Control (Orcon), to obtain materials to create the community garden, a place for locals and students to learn about sustainable gardening, earn community service credits and produce food for donation to local food banks and meal programs. So far, Linder has gained volunteer support from local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, students from local schools, members of local faith based organizations and a number of local businesses

Greystone Garden

Orcon contributed to the project with the donation of earth worms and various other beneficial insects from their Los Angeles offices, which are a home to “good bugs” including green lace wings, ladybugs, praying mantids, predatory mites, as well as earth worms. These beneficial insects help defend gardens from “bad bugs” such as aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs and spider mites, without the use of harmful pesticides.

Linder took the lead on the project early on, planning the location of the garden, obtaining approval from the city, recruiting donors and getting locals involved. “I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help,” says Linder. “Because we have no budget, we depend on donations like those we receive from Orcon.”

The result of Linder and her volunteers’ hard work is a flourishing, sustainable garden that produces vegetables for donation to the local Monday lunch program, which serves an average of 150 hungry Los Angeles residents every week of the year.

“We were so happy to be able to contribute beneficial insects to the Greystone Demonstration Garden,” says Orcon founder Steve Hazzard. “Sustainable gardening is important for the heath and wellness of communities, and using beneficial insects rather than pesticides is a solution that’s as natural as it gets.”

The California Parks and Recreation Society’s Champion of the Community Award recognizes outstanding public service by individuals or organizations who unselfishly give of their time and resources in support of promoting parks and recreation’s role in creating healthy communities. This statewide, competitive award serves as the California Parks and Recreation Society’s highest distinguished honor for non-parks & recs professionals.
The award will be presented to Barbara Linder Friday, March 8, at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel.

Orcon products are available online and at lawn and garden retailers across the country. For more information, visit OrganicControl.com or Facebook.com/organiccontrol.

Barbara Linder Carole JCSBarbara and her friend Carole were able to come visit us at Filoli, this was a special treat for me – to be in the company of such knowledgeable gardeners. It was a great day, walking through the formal gardens and then taking the nature education trails up to the pond to look at the California Newts.

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