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Winter of Wellness

This program was created with a full list of notables. The classes were initially free, and for 3 months people that signed up were able to learn grow and experience new insights and information. What a gift!

This program reminds me that people that share and strive can really change the world. Karen models emotional literacy, she lives in the feelings that she discusses. Paying attention, having awareness of how you feel. Learning to acknowledge your feelings so that we can help ourselves and be authentic.

Today’s guest was Karen Salmansohn, here is her bio.

Karen Salmansohn is a best selling author and award winning designer with over 1 million books sold. She is known for creating self help for people who wouldn’t be caught doing self help because her highly researched books are stylishly designed and offer quirky metaphors and feisty humor. Her books include How to be Happy DammitEnough Dammit and The Bounce Back Book. She’s been on The Today Show, The View, CNN, Fox News and many top morning shows across the country. She’s also a columnist for Oprah, Psychology Today, Huffingtonpost, Positively Positive. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw” because of how she merges empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics. Among many others, her books are loved by Madonna, Jay Leno, Joan Rivers, Ariana Huffington and Goldie Hawn.

Her web site is: notsalmon.com
More details: Karen uses a variety of tools to help people reach their eating goals: understanding eating for distraction/ anger which is a link to food addiction, NLP – neurolinguistic programming which focuses on the power of words and re-labeling foods as Forward food or Backwards foods depending on whether that food moves you toward your goals.  This switch in words can be very powerful. Another way is to rename chips, for example, as I hate my job Chips. You’ll create a paradigm shift.  Try This: Try decreasing your appetite for food and increase it for LIFE. Rather than eating – call a friend, take a walk, enjoy a bubble bath.

SARK, also known as Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, is a bestselling author and artist, with 16 titles in print and well over 2 million books sold. Synonymous with transformation, healing, movement and FUN, above all things SARK has spent the last 2 decades serving women and men around the globe, helping them tap into their creative spark, accept themselves fully and embrace laughter (and naps) every day. An acclaimed speaker and teacher, SARK has been a transformational role model offering inspiration and guidance to people in their process of living more powerfully and authentically, and being more actively creative on a daily basis.

“I am really talking about practical gladness. Mindless Joy drives me crazy.” -Sark

Her web site is: www.planetsark.com
SARK has an imagination that runs wild and happy, it’s worth listening.  – editor

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