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Choose Happiness

What’s in Your Best Brain?

Rick Hanson created this  Your Best Brain multimedia presentation , it discusses all kinds of things, but recognizes that we can LEARN Happiness. Hardwiring Happiness shows you how to transform the simple positive experiences of daily life into neural structures that promote lasting health, feeling cared about, and effectiveness. Rather than obsessing about one goal, try investing in the process. There are other discussions, including these  YouTubes (three parts)  by Srikumar Raoto the Hardwiring Ted talk.  For some easy and more concrete actions, look at Up with Happiness.
Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness is a good presentation too.
Each of these subject areas may give you something to think about:

  • Be On Your Own Side
  • Be Mindful
  • Take In The Good
  • Rest In Love
  • Come Home To Happiness

If you look around, at your bookstore or ask at the library, you’ll find many related areas for learning. It’s interesting to me, how the authors talk about each other.

Rick Hanson is a master of his craft, showing us a wise path for daily living in this book. Based in the latest findings of neuroscience, this book reveals that if we understand the brain a little, we can take care of our lives a lot, and make a real difference to our well-being. Here is a book to savor, to practice, and to take to heart.
Mark Williams, Ph.D., Professor, University of Oxford, author of Mindfulness

The cultivation of happiness is one of the most important skills anyone can ever learn. Luckily, it’s not hard when we know the way to water and nourish these wholesome seeds, which are already there in our consciousness. This book offers simple, accessible, practical steps for touching the peace and joy that are every person’s birthright.
Thich Nhat Hanh, author of Being Peace and Understanding Our Mind

You’ll find a book, practice or hobby that resonates with you if you look. There are many options.  You can try something new, there are many activities in your area, such as Hula Hoop classes or Yoga on the Labyrinth


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