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Implementing a ROWE

ROWE =  Results Oriented Work Environment.

Imagine that! The basic idea is that employees are trusted to do the right thing. They are treated as adults and are free to make their own choices about how, when, where the assigned work is done. Trusting employees leads to satisfaction and higher productivity. You must also make sure the following things are in place:

  • Clear Expectations
  • Employees that understand the goals and are committed to achieving them
  • Encouragement to ask for help when needed AND a way to elimiate obstacles

Make sure the team understands the reason this is done…. and managers must explain the benefits [productivity, enthusiasm, innovation, better results, more teamwork].  A big benefit to this style of work is that the team members really feel like they are on a team, they are valued, and their work counts and of course turnover drops– everyone wants to stay and succeed.

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