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Do you WANT to be a Googler? Or Not!

worlds-best-triviaJust in case, you always wanted to join the ranks of GOOGLE and swill the free drinks, work hard – really hard, in a wildly competitive environment…. you really should read this article, by J.T. O’Donnell.

 It’s posted on LinkedIn and gives a great perspective on the HOT COMPANY dream world. Research is the key to finding a great job, let your friends and contacts help you!

I hear many crazy things about Google (living in Mountain View, you get run over by type-A techies on multi-colored bikes quite a bit, and funny conversations are started in the local Starbucks or Sports Page bar!)….. Zappos is another darling of “techiness”, however, Zappos sounds like a GREAT place to work. They are involved in their communities – making a difference and teamwork are part of that corporate culture.

To Find the Next Google, Start Here…The good news is the next hot employer is out there just waiting for you to find them. They’re right here on LinkedIn. With millions of companies hiring every day, LinkedIn offers companies the opportunity to showcase their Employment Brand directly to members. You can follow them, get updates, and even interact with hiring managers directly. It’s easy and effective.

Here is another great insight article from J.T.:   5 Ugly Truths Why Great People Don’t Land Fab Jobs


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