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Making a Difference with a Scholarship

This story describes a team of 3 girls, becoming Basketball Greats and then going on to honor their teammate. The Q Scholarship honors  Lindsey Quinby, their teammate, whose life was cut short in an accident.

Joining sports as a youngster leads to a lifetime of great teamwork. It is so very important to have kids join teams, learn to depend on each other and strive to excel. Prime Youth Sports Camp is going strong, teaching girls the skills they will need in sports and thanks to Diane and Kiki there are scholarships available to honor their friend Lindsey who remains in the heart and minds of this team. For more information about the camps, go online at primeyouthsportscamps.com.

READ the entire article, it is an inspiring story of our local Community Heroes.

Hats off to Diane Peterson and Kiki Williams for being great community leaders and turning the tragedy of a life cut short, into a gift for a girl to join in sports.  Being part of team sport is a life-changing event.

“We wanted to do something to honor Lindsey,” said Williams, who knew Quinby since they attended preschool together. “I know she’d love this. If she was here, there’s no doubt she’d help coach at the camp, but knowing her, she’d be out there playing sports with the girls.”

Lindsey Quinby (left) is seen this 1997 photo with teammates Kiki Williams (middle) and Diane Peterson when they were freshmen playing varsity basketball

Redwood girls varsity coach Diane Peterson (left) and assistant coach Kiki Williams shout to their players during the MCAL championship game against

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