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Your Company Town

Does your company have a home base city or a special bit of history? Help your employees know. Most companies that I work for have a home base of either San Francisco or Santa Clara. It is surprising how few employees know where they are!

It is a fun out to explore your ‘hood. We can take walking tours in SF or visit the Computer History Museum in Santa Clara. There are possibilities where your HQ is located. If you have a small company, you can still get to know the environs – find the Better Business Bureau, the Association Retired Folks, the Toastmasters, or service groups in your area and get to know them. The Chamber of Commerce is an obvious but often overlooked ally in making local business friends.

For example, on a typical Monday there are several walking tour companies that will be glad to give a tour. There are food tours, architectural tours, ghost tours, or you can try a wonderful group San Francisco City Guides that gives free tours all over the city (wow) – just look at this sample of walks:

9:30 am – Japanese Tea Garden
10:00 am – Chinatown
10:00 am – 1906: Earthquake And Fire
11:00 am – Fisherman’s Wharf: A Hidden History
1:00 pm – Japanese Tea Garden
1:30 pm – Chinatown
3:00 pm – Palace Hotel – Lecture

Maybe your group would rather a book to read and share? Riffle is a organization focuses on books and has published this list





What a great way to explore your NYC area. Learn the history of your company location no matter where you are. There is always something of note to discover!

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