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Do 5 things -to Protect your Debit Card from Skimmers

You need  to protect your debit card from skimmers

Keith Culver is the kind of person that is careful with money. The former police officer checks his bank account daily and is careful with his personal information.

ONE BILLION dollars lost a year. Hard to spot, skimmers look like part of the ATM machine. Things to keep in mind! Gas stations are “hot spots” BUT even your bank can be compromised. Even bankers and cops can miss the skimmer and have their bank Debit card and Pin “collected” by crooks. Watch the video below. And use a secured credit card with an EMV chip – you can ask for yours earlier than it is scheduled (yes you can).  — the Editor

That’s why Culver was shocked when he looked at his checking account on his phone in May and saw a $500 withdraw in Towson, MD.  Culver had been sitting at work in Henrico all day, and his debit card was in his wallet.

“I’ve never been to Towson, and I’ve been at work all day.  How could I be there at six o’clock?!” said Culver, recounting his gut reaction to the missing money.

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