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Celebrate Veteran’s Day 2015

First of all, THANK A VETERAN or Active Duty Military for serving our country.  Just do it.


Fly a Flag. IF you live in the U.S.A be proud of our country.

If you think your respect AND  caring doesn’t matter…. take a walk through the Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno.

Make a plan to get involved in your community. There are many ways to serve…. even if you are not in the military. Volunteer. Make America Great!

2015 Veterans’ Day Free Walking Tours   (more details here)

Speaking of Walking, this is a GREAT Organization.

Here is the link:  NO BARRIERS.

Learn about them below, support them by walking, getting involved, send a contribution.

Here is what some of the No Barriers Warriors will be doing“On this Veteran’s Day, I will serve my fellow Colorado Springs Veterans by organizing a Veteran’s Day Veterans Group Ride.” – Mike D., Colorado Collegiate Range Veterans Expedition

“On this Veteran’s Day, I will take time to sit and reflect on my military service and plan ways I can keep serving my community. As veterans, I think it is important for our sanity and the good of others that we harness our desire to serve and use it for others around us.” – Darisse, Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains, NY Veteran Expedition

On this Veteran’s Day, I will choose to not let my PTSD make me a statistic. The number 22 is embedded in my brain. I think about it every day and constantly fight away from being added to that number. I think about my friends who have made the decision to succumb to their PTSD. I will chose to show others that there is hope. Hope beyond becoming just another number. Hope beyond PTSD.” – CarrieAnn, Grand Canyon Veteran Wilderness Expedition

The Walk with the Warriors campaign has logged thousands of miles, walked by Vets and the community. Let’s make this the biggest week yet leading up to Veteran’s Day and show our Warriors just how much their sacrifice means to us.

Walk with honor,

The No Barriers Team

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