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Taking VIRTUAL WORK a few steps Further

You goal may be to work from home 2 days a week. What if you could take your entire business on the road? Take a look at the Nomad List and other possibilities…

One of Pieter Levels’s sites, called Nomad List, ranks cities around the world by how hospitable they are for working travelers, based on factors like cost of living, safety, air quality, and Internet speeds. The site can help aspiring nomads find coworking space in cities from Siem Reap, Cambodia, to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, or find apartments for rent in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s sponsored by job ads from Automattic, the company behind WordPress, which is known for its remote workforce. (full article link follows)

Work From Anywhere But Home: Startups Emerge To Turn You Into A Globetrotting Digital Nomad

As for Coworking spaces, they are all over. Some can be life-changing,  inspiring places too. NextSpace  CitzenSpace  Top 7 in SF   The Harvard Business Review article….. “Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces”

…unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. Because there is little direct competition or internal politics, they don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in. Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also make one’s own work identity stronger. Our respondents were given the opportunity to frequently describe what they do, which can make what they do seem more interesting and distinctive.

Off the Grid?  Heading to the beach to work is possible and can be more than therapeutic. Or you can take your stressed-out job, reduce the hours, make it virtual and move to Felton, CA. Good Vibes. YES!


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