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A Dog for Charlie film

Focused on autism and the healing power of the love of a dog, A feature length documentary about a child with autism and his service dog — the film is in production! Will it go to the  next film festival?

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I am a local filmmaker making a film about a non-verbal autistic child and his service dog. I filmed Charlie and his family for four years, from age four to age eight. Aspen, Charlie’s service dog, comes into Charlie’s life when he is five. This is the story of a child and his family face the challenges of autism, all with the help of the love of a dog. I am now fundraising to finish the film so that I can enter it into film festivals this fall. I need to pay for editing, music, sound, color correction and other important post-production activities needed to create a feature film. Any help you could provide me in getting the word out about our film, and our fundraising campaign, would be most appreciated. Our website is www.adogforcharlie.org, and on the website you can sign up for our newsletter to keep up on our activities with the film. Donations can also be made at the website. We also have and Indiegogo campaign, just enter “A Dog for Charlie” in the search button at indiegogo.com.  — Barbara Cray


Barbara Cray
A Dog for Charlie
303 Twin Dolphin Dr., 6th Floor
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
(650) 654-2729
(650) 654-2727fax

Details? Contact barbara@adogforCharlie.org

Or check out the FACEBOOK page

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