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Mover and Shaker: GE

Who do you want to SEE YOUR BRAND? Who do you want to WANT YOUR PRODUCT?

There are few B2B brands rocking new media harder than GE. From staging a robot concert to their Unimpossible Missions video series, they’ve made cool content their mission.

The Unimpossible Missions video really hits the mark …. showing a SNOWBALL’s day in HELL…. I am surprised and it caused me to question what I know about GE. Provider of small appliances, kitchen appliances and some power grid stuff …. or …. innovator, provider of new ideas…. mover and shaker in the topsy-turvey world of machines, technology and cutting edge science. Keep Going! — the editor

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Late last year, GE kicked off a new podcast called The Message. It’s a science fiction story that played out over eight episodes. In it, the NSA hires a group of young hackers to decode an alien message, and intrigue ensues.

The brand wisely keeps to the sidelines—there’s no “Quick, Johnny! Grab my GE Electro-Drill by GE!” It’s a surprisingly well-done experiment in old-timey radio drama with a modern sensibility to it.

A study from Ypulse last year showed that 35% of millennials listen to at least one podcast a week. GE seized on the opportunity to reach their audience via unconventional means, making something genuinely entertaining in the process. Their efforts paid off—the podcast stayed on the iTunes top 10 for all eight episodes.

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